Augmented reality and new media against online promotion of unhealthy foods

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Our Goals, your benefits

Empowering children to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Enhancing children’s resilience against online manipulation by enhancing media literacy

Empowering teacher authority to support teacher transfer of knowledge

Harnessing Augmented Reality technology to attract & actively involve children in learning activities

Advancing teacher training on:

  • Knowledge of the origins of obesity
    • Effect of nutrition to the body of youngsters
    • Youngster manipulation online by food and drinks producers
    • Youngster lack of media literacy f.i. on online profiling and as a result a lack of youngster resilience against online manipulation
  • How to change youngster behaviour as a result of a lack of knowledge on the origins of obesity
    • Solution: transfer of knowledge
    • This solution in itself is insufficient to change behaviour
  • How to change youngster behaviour as a result of a blockade by youngster to take information on the origins of obesity serious and translate these into a change in behaviour, i.e. a healthier lifestyle
    • Solution: AR game and accompanying didactic approach